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Jet Fighter Dogfight Chase 3D

Developer: AbsoLogix - 3D Games Studio

Jet Fighter Dogfight Chase is an modern military jet fighting and aircraft Combat flight simulation game. Dogfight means aerial war or fight between jet fighters or Air Fighters. Be the part of one of the world's top visually air force by playing this game. as you engage enemies of all varieties in deadly dogfights by jet fighter bombing. Pilot any of the Force's top aircraft through dozens of environments, taking on a whopping multiple combative chase and escape missions in all. A groundbreaking terrain engine delivers optimal graphics, and the opponent stunning AI will put your skills to the test.The most advanced Russian, American and French Fighter Jets in Aviation History are on your fingertips. You will drive your fighter aircraft to fight against enemy fighter planes. Come on to show your strength as an ace pilot in worldwide battlefield. Jump into the cockpit of your Fighter Plane, feel yourself as military aviator as well as air fighters, and keep your finger on the firing button until the skies are clear of enemy air fighters. you have huge collection of ballistic missiles, guided missiles and anti-aircraft guns. Dominate the sky and improve your modern air battle plane as well as jet fighter war.Buckle up and engage into different dogfight scenarios and air strike missions. Hunt down and destroy the backbone of your enemy hiding behind enemy lines for an extreme and realistic and ace air war action combat. Hold your breath, focus and chase your enemy aircraft to shoot it down. Your jet fighter are fully loaded with anti-aircraft gun, ballistic missiles and laser guided missiles.modern air battle plane.
Fighter jet DogFighting chase is a free offline Jet Fighter game but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items. Let's enjoy the Fighter plane simulator 3d.
Aircrafts Available:- F-35 Lighting II jet fighter- F-22 Raptor dogfighter- Eurofighter Typhoon fighter plane- F-16 Fighting Falcon Jet Fighter- F-15 Eagle fighter jet- Mirage 2000 JetFighter- Dassault Rafale DogFighter- Mig-21 jet fighter- Mig-25 jet fighter- Mig-29 jet fighter- Sukhoi Su-35 jet fighter bomber
Camera Views :Intuitive, Highly customizable camera views and respective controls so you can play the game just the way you want and feel real death war air assault. Different action cameras from different angles.
Highlighted Features :
- Every jet is loaded with Laser Guided Missile, Anti-Aircraft Guns, Ballistic missiles- Ultra-Realistic explosion and fight against jet fighter.- Simple, easy and intuitive control- Fighter unit designed based on real warzone and dogfighting.- Highly detailed modern jet fighter war plane having supersonic speed and maneuverability.- Experience the ultimate action jetfighter bombing with console quality graphics and sounds- No internet connection required

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